Monday, March 2, 2009

Rocky Gap Retreat

When I first saw the application for the Promise Rocky Gap Retreat, I filled it out immediately. But as the time approached to attend the retreat I had a few apprehensions. I was beginning to stress out because I had so much homework due the following week. I felt as though I was unable to take a weekend off. I even reconsidered attending the retreat. In the end, I decided to go. I figured if I didn't study over the weekend I would study when I returned on Sunday.

While at the retreat I realized that deciding to go was one of the best decisions I made as a graduate student. Not only did I learn survival skills but I met people who share some the same experiences as graduate students. I met people who understand the stresses that graduate students of color face. It was refreshing to be around a group of people who had similar goals, and who had worries about their career as a student. It was even more refreshing to be able to step away from my work and completely immerse myself in team building, survival skills, game night, etc. As I reflect on the retreat, I realize that sometimes what we need is to get away; to remove ourselves from the present situation and relax. That is what the Promise Retreat was able to do for me. And surprisingly, there was time where I was able to get some studying done (even though I preferred not to).

I really enjoyed the retreat and I am very glad that I attended. I hope I can participate in the retreat next year; I am already looking forward to it. Thanks Dr. Tull, Dr. Carter, and Gloria Anglon! I don't think we as students will ever fully understand how you all do the work that you do!

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