Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wow...Simply amazing

The community retreat was amazing. I met so many new people who attended not only master's institution (UMCP) but also my current doctoral institution (UMBC). I strengthened the bonds I currently have and am sure I have developed lasting friendships.

I really enjoyed the Ropes Course and appreciated the support from my team members.
One experience in particular was during the ladder/rope/hang-me-in-the-air/activity. Initially I struggled. I climbed to the top of the ladder and freaked out, and honestly forgot about all the support I had at the bottom. But when I finally let go, I realized, that just like my journey towards the will be challenging but it is attainable. I am so proud of myself and am going to remember this experience and how I conquered my fears, if I ever hit a road block on my PhD journey.

Thank you Promise

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