Thursday, March 4, 2010

Exciting times at Rocky Gap Retreat 2010!

Thank you Promise so very very much! This retreat was very encouraging, inspiring, rejuvenating, and fun! I think one line that I heard over and over was “You go to UMBC too?” We didn’t even know there were so many graduate students in the system, much less on our own campuses!
For many of us, life as a graduate student does not naturally allow us to interact or see other students, and consequently we often feel isolated and alone in the work that we do. This retreat allowed so many of us the chance to meet and interact with other graduate students, as well as those who have successfully completed programs. It was such a wonderful opportunity to learn and be reminded that there are others diligently working and persevering, and to build relationships with people who also want you to succeed.
One of my favorite parts was perhaps the very first group thing we did, which was to introduce ourselves one by one. Although it takes a while, it is so neat to hear what everyone is studying, where they are from, and which programs they are a part of! Promise is filled with interesting and intelligent individuals for sure!
I also loved the activities we did with Terra trecks… from the amusing “I’ve got the power” warmup exercise to having to *fall backwards off a ladder*, it was such a breath of fresh air the whole time! I think also the amount of structured and free time was a perfect mix.
Thank you so very much to Promise and all the wonderful staff, and to everyone who went on the retreat! It would NOT have been the same if YOU had not been there!
Let’s keep working hard! We’re all in this together- supporting and encouraging each other!
*Initially I didn’t think this would be that scary… but I was truly surprised! Fortunately, we had an amazing group of people that were trustworthy and did catch each of us!

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