Monday, March 1, 2010

My amazing retreat from PROMISE

I want to thank PROMISE and everyone participated in the Retreat this weekend. I met a lot of awesome people and had a good time. This retreat helped me to re-charge my energy and continue my battle in grad school :)
The outdoor activities was not only fun, but was also meaningful in my perspective about doing research and talking classes in grad school. I learned to seek out for help, stay positive, and push myself a little harder every time I am about to give up on some work. Like one of the student in PROMISE said "may be the fall not that bad after all".
I also learned to be able to work more efficient as a team when needed. In fact, I feel so blessed to meet SAJA-the leaping lions team during this retreat. :)
Once again, thank you so much for giving me these great experiences that I could carry on with my grad work, PROMISE!

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Brice Cannon said...

I would like to thank PROMISE and everyone who made this trip such an amazing experience! When I got on the bus on the way to the retreat I felt like I only knew my fellow BD's. When stepping on the bus after the retreat I considered everyone a friend and a huge support system that has similar experiences as me.

The experiences that I had at the retreat have changed my view of graduate school and has helped me realize I have a huge support system that will help me graduate. SAJA-The leaping lions was a great team who taught me how to trust people. The activities helped me realize that graduate school is not something that I can do by myself and that I need to use all of the resources available to succeed.

The experience was priceless and has changed my whole perspective of graduate school, helping me realize that I can succeed.

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