Friday, February 27, 2009

high hopes for dissertation house!

This will be my first time in the dissertation house! I've always wanted to do the week-long boot camps that Dr. Carter puts on at UMBC, but it's typically not feasible to be away from work that long. Like, REALLY away, where I don't feel the need to check email or voicemail every couple hours. So looking forward to being able to focus with no distractions. At the same time, I fully expect that I'll go through some point where my mind will get sick of working and starting CRAVING some distraction. But my fellow DHers should help pull me through! I (and my advisor, lol) want to propose this semester, this summer at the latest, so this should be a great boost towards that goal.

To everyone, both the DH and outdoor folk, looking forward meeting you or seeing you again! To the first timers: the veterans of Coolfont/Rocky Gap will tell you it's a great time to meet future friends, learn new things, and have some challenging experiences. I encourage you make the most of it.

Best wishes for a great weekend!


Robert Holder, UMBC
Computer Science
4-time(!?!?) PROMISE Retreat participant

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Angelo said...

Dr. Carter has been one of the most supportive and encouraging people I have ever met, and no doubt, it was through PROMISE that such a person can be connected to us. Her seminars have been most useful and helpful to me. I strongly suggest, recommend and promise that working with her, good results will always come out. Thank you Promise for bringing aboard!!!

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