Friday, June 19, 2009

Community Building - shares joys as well as sadness

A community shares! In PROMISE, we share happy times like our experience on the retreat, but there are times where we also share in the sorrows of others. This spring, Julia Major, the mother of one of our UMCP PROMISE Peer Mentors, David Major, passed away. Most recently, we learned that the son of UMCP PROMISE Peer Mentor Asha Williams, Sekai Ayinde Williams, also passed away. Both Asha and David have participated in the PROMISE Retreats. Both are also participants in the PROMISE Dissertation House. In tribute to Sekai Williams, Mrs. Major, all of the loved ones of PROMISE members who are no longer with us on earth, and those who remain and continue to be sources of strength, PROMISE has created the PROMISE TRIBUTES blog. Feel free to contribute to the blog. Share your own memories, whether you are remembering someone who had had an impact in the past or celebrating someone who continues to influence you, you are welcome to write.

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