Friday, July 10, 2009

Dissertation House Online! July Challenge -- Do SOMETHING on your Dissertations this summer! Join us online!

This week, many grad students in Maryland and at other schools around the country are participating in the Online Dissertation House! Students in Maryland have a chance to participate in person since we have one session at UMBC (ending this week), and another session at UM College Park that will take place in two weeks. The deadline for participation in the in-person/on-campus versions of the Dissertation House was in June, but everyone else is welcome to join us online!

Go to Dr. Wendy Carter's TADA (Thesis and Dissertation Accomplished) Blog page, click on comments and go! Tell us what you will be working on, and make a blog entry each day to chronicle your goals and subsequent accomplishments.

Join us!

The Dissertation House is sponsored by PROMISE: Maryland's AGEP, the Council of Graduate Schools' Ph.D. Completion Project, The Graduate School at UMBC, and The Graduate School at the University of Maryland College Park. To read more about the Dissertation House, visit our site:

To repost information about the Dissertation House in a text message or a tweet on twitter, you may use the shortened URL:

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