Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Harvest Dinner - Friday, Nov. 20,

Please plan to join us for the annual PROMISE Fall Harvest (Pre-Thanksgiving) Dinner!

This is always a great event. Delicious food
(turkey, cakes, pies, etc.), good conversation, and great opportunities to connect with one another!

Families are invited, however, you must R.S.V.P.

by registering (see below).

Location: Colony Ballroom, Stamp Student Union (#044)

Parking: Please park in Lot 1, or Z. No parking pass required after 4 p.m.


A BUS WILL DEPART FROM UMBC at 4:30 PM in front of the Administration Building. Please send email to to let us know that you are taking the bus. Use the subject "Fall Harvest." The bus is scheduled to return to UMBC by 8:30 PM. Any student who lives in the Baltimore area from any of the campuses is welcome to take the free bus.

Friday, November 20, 2009
5:30pm - 8:00pm
Colony Ballroom, Stamp Student Union, UMCP



LieAnn said...

The Fall Harvest Dinner was great. This was a much needed break from school and with reconnecting with fellow grad students, it provided motivation to finish this semester. Thank you Promise!

Byron said...

I really enjoyed the dinner this year. Besides seeing new/familiar faces and enjoying the food, I had involved discussions with other individuals about their past and current experiences. I even had an opportunity to discuss my research with others in my field and hear about their ideas.

Byron Stancil
Graduate Student
Mechanical Engineering,
University of Maryland College Park

Anonymous said...

I like the way that Promise has grown and continues to provide the essential skills that we need across all career stages.

It was especially helpful to hear from the other postdocs regarding their approaches to continued development. This was a very valuable event.

-Sean V

Anonymous said...

I am sad that I missed the Fall Harvest Dinner. I have most enjoyed this dinner the past 2 years. I hope that all went well.

physica said...

Not being from the US, the Fall Harvest dinner was my Thanksgiving dinner. I felt the questionnaire on the table, asking about one's achievements and challenges was a good idea. The different views expressed from the various colleges were interesting. Being fairly new to PROMISE, I was also able to better appreciate the full scope of AGEP.

Anand Ramanathan
PhD Candidate
Chemical Physics,

Tania said...
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Tania said...

The Fall Harvest Dinner was an awesome experience and I am looking forward to this event next year! :) Being an International Grad student from literally the other half of the globe, Thanksgiving Dinner was a unique experience that helped me learn a new festival of this country.
I also made new friends from other departments, in similar field of study, due to the seating arrangements that was very efficient for a good social mixer. I will like to thank Promise for their brilliant work, that they do for us, about which we got to learn at the Fall Harvest Dinner.

Saptashati Biswas ( Tania)
Doctoral Student,
Environmental Science & Technology
University of Maryland, College Park

HJ said...

The Fall Harvest Dinner was excellent. I got to reacquaint with students from other campuses. Although the ice-breaker activity recap was a little longer than necessary, but overall I enjoyed it.
Thank you all!

Angelo said...

This is one of the most rewarding experiences for many of us. Not only we get to connect with our peers in an event that makes us bond with one another, it also represents one of the few instances where we can leave our labs, offices, study cubicles, etc,. and spend some time together. This is a great event and morally and spiritually re-invigorating.

mansur femi mustapha said...

As always, the Nov 20 Fall Harvest Dinner was excellent. It was a mixture of good food and fellowship with other grad students. Like all Promise events, it motivates me to continue with my PhD education because everyone is always talking about their research and ongoing projects. Promise is a promise to keep because with Promise, I can see the bright lights at the end of the PhD tunnel.

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