Friday, February 26, 2010

Flurries are white, our ride was blue

So it snowed on the way here. A very nice two hour drive. Snow flurries falling as our Coach bus drove up and down the mountains. We watched a movie called the Island on the bus. Ironic, since we were heading towards our own version of an Island; our oasis, a retreat from everyday hustle and bustle. We did the usual stuff at first; checked in, went to our separate rooms, and ate. The rooms are nice, roomy, with two queen sized beds and a comfy lay out to boot. The T.V. contains all the stations I want and more. That is enough to ensure that I get to bed late and wake up later.

To the fun stuff.

My roommate and I, on the search for adventure went downstairs to look for things to do. We ended up going to the pool. A nice jacuzzi with alternating colors was waiting for us and so were some "unlikely" friends. I say unlikely because I don't think I would have ever seen them any other time on the UMBC campus but I saw them today. We played a couple of games in the pool. Some games, I would deter even my children from playing but nonetheless they were all fun and this retreat is meant to be a way to create everlasting memories. I can't make those memories doing the things I do everyday.

It is now 11: 37pm and I am watching a basketball game on T.V. Things are good.

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