Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Very EXCITING Experience - The Rope Experience @ Rocky Gap during 2010 PROMISE Community Building Retreat

Today (2/27/2010), we are at Rock Gap for our Annual PROMISE Community Building Retreat, which is similar to what we have done last year. However, there is definitely something DIFFERENT: the ROPE experience. Yeah... I must admit that when I first heard about that, I told myself that I should not try that because it sounds like so scary even by the name itself.

However, when I was there this afternoon with our great DANCING TIGER team, I was so amazed that each of our group members has done such a good job, regardless of what his or her role was, such as ORANGE/PURPLE blazer, guidance, and project manager. We were organized in such a good manner that I roughly could not tell any difference when the role was shifted amongst our team members.

Hence, per the encouragement from my beloved wife Xianshu, I decided to try to climb up the ladder by myself, and finally I ACHIEVED it. What an amazing experience. When I was in the air, I felt that I was flying freely like a bird. But obviously I felt safe since I knew that there were 10 of my team members who were standing behind me and supporting me. GREAT JOB, DANCING TIGERS.

So here come the photos. If you happened to witnessed my flying procedure, please feel free to send me the photos.

Finally, I would like to express my greatest appreciation to PROMISE, Dr. Tull and other organizer, together with the Outdoor team for your great efforts to organize such a successful event. Thanks so much. Hopefully we can go outdoor again sometime next year. Cheers~~~~

Wenjia Li
PhD candidate from Dept of CSEE @ UMBC


Lei Shi said...

I love these pictures. I could sense your fear when you were up in there. But, Man, you did it, good for you. So proud of you!!!!

Kevin said...

Thanks so much Lei, you are the MAN!

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